Volunteer At Habitat For Humanity

At first glance even just the idea of volunteering with Habitat can seem intimidating. You might think I’m too old, too young, too infirm or too unskilled to contribute … NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. While your stereotype might resemble Mike Holmes clad in a tool belt and steel toed boots scaling a roof with two by fours in hand, our volunteers range from teenagers to eighty-something men and women with a wide range of skills and physical abilities. Between home construction and the ReStore we can put you to work. To volunteer, submit the application below.


Its great if you possess them but not necessary to have construction skills; our construction supervisor and his assistants provide oversight and lots of OJT. Loosely speaking, there are two clusters on the building side. One is made up of weekend warriors who either individually or in church- or work groups help on Saturdays. The other cluster are retirees who build Monday and Tuesday; they generally prepare for or complete Saturday builds and perform tasks that require more experience.


We have an immediate need for volunteers at the ReStore . If you don’t feel comfortable using tools and building, the ReStore is the place for you to help our partner families secure safe, attractive decent housing. While we do need help from those who are physically able to drive a box truck and lift heavy items, we need people to sort, price, clean, make small repairs on and display the stock as well as manage the cash register and everything else that needs doing in a retail establishment.