Apply for a Home

If you can answer yes to the following questions, you may be eligible for a house through the Habitat for Humanity of Danville program.

1.       Do I currently live in substandard housing, as defined by unsafe, unsanitary or overcrowded conditions?

2.       Am I unable to obtain a conventional mortgage loan to buy a house?

3.       Am I willing to commit 350 hours of my time (300 if a single parent) to “sweat equity” toward construction of my house or another Habitat project?

4.       Am I willing and able to attend planning meetings during the construction of my house?

5.       Can I afford to purchase a Habitat house?

  •  Can I afford house payments of $400 to $450 per month?
  • Can I make a down payment of $ 1,000?
  • Can I afford to pay utilities and other expenses associated with home ownership?
  • Do my monthly expenses amount to one-third or less of my wages?

6.       Will I take pride in my home by keeping the house and yard clean and tidy?

7.       Will I do what I can to help improve the neighborhood to make it a safe environment for all residents?

8.       Am I willing to live in a racially integrated neighborhood?

9.       Am I willing to attend meetings or participate in programs designed to better understand the responsibilities of home ownership?

10.     Will I make myself available to be interviewed by the Family Selection Committee?

11.     Do I understand that any judgment against me must be resolved before I can be approved as a Habitat Homeowner?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to all of the above questions, please contact Habitat for Humanity of Danville :